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Interruptible RMI – Working with JBoss?

Neil O’Toole has a RMI Socket- and ThreadFactory which enables a RMI client to interrupt a RMI invokation. This seems like a nice addition to a fat swing client which accesses a JBoss server. What I wonder is if the library will be compatible with JBoss and EJB 3. Have to try out. More information available at Neil’s blog entry.


EJB 3.0 Annotations Cheat Sheet – 1.2

Update: The Annotations Cheat Sheet got it’s own page here

After a longer hibernation I found the time to update the EJB 3.0 Annotations Cheat Sheet. I hope I catched up with all the recent changes to the spec up to the proposed final draft. I’ll appreciate any error or suggestion that is reported to me.

Just download it from here as pdf or OpenOffice Document.

Preview of (old) cheat sheet.