EJB 3.0 Annotations Cheat Sheet

Update: The Annotations Cheat Sheet got it’s own page here

I just made Version 1.0 of my EJB 3.0 Annotations Cheat Sheet – just download it from here as pdf or OpenOffice Document. I’d greatly appreciate any feedback about errors and possible improvements. The sheet is based on the EJB 3.0 early draft 2.

Preview of cheat sheet.


Version 1.1 contains some formatting cleanup and fixes some typos. Thanks to Emmanuel Bernard for pointing out the typos. I checked the EJB 3.0 Peristence edr 2 but it reads that all collections except many-to-many are fetched EAGER by default. The links above were updated accordingly.

Second Update

Fixed broken links.

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  1. i was looking for something like this.. thanks…. !!

  2. This chart really helpful.Great efforts.


  3. it is more easy and usefull

  4. I was looking for this, thanks very much!
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  5. Thanks! Just what I needed

  6. This is a great peace of help on ejb3.0 annotation. Thanks..

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  8. Very handy .. .good effort

  9. Snortfargel Gerfamagon

    Thank you!!! This is a big help.

  10. Thanks. Really useful.
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  11. Very helpful – i figured out how to make not null fields and set the field length with this. Thanks!

  12. Me too is finding such a document.Thanks a lot

  13. Not the author of EJB 3.0

    Worthless without descriptions or already knowing everything.

  14. Krešimir


    maybe you could make “EJB 3.1 Annotations Cheat Sheet” ?

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