XWork and “Loosely Coupled URLs”

Ray Grieselhuber wrote some interesting thoughts about Loosely Coupled URLs. Mainly, he proposes the make resources accessible from multiple URLs to respect different usages. E.g. make a resource available by it’s UUID (http://foo.org/18923878) or by the date it has been published (http://foo.org/2003-01-06). This is interesting but brings some problems with it. What if the given URL matches many resources?
Nevertheless I can see use for content-oriented sites (versa workflow-oriented sites), like Weblogs, the W3C and news papers, to name only a few.
It think this should be considered during the current design phase of webwork‘s next version (aka xwork). I’d like to have some kind of ServletDispatcher that can handle those URLs. This would be much nicer than sth. like http://foo.org/ShowByDte.action?date=2003-01-06


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